Do you put a time limit on how many hours you photograph?


We do charge by the hour, but are not checking

our watch to see when our time is up, we know from

experience things don't always go as planned and realistically

one can only photograph one wedding per day.



Do I get to choose where I print my pictures?


Yes, unlike some photographers who force you to buy

prints from them, we will give you the option to print your

photos wherever you want.



Will I receive every photo taken at my wedding?


You will receive a High Resolution copy of every

image captured at your wedding.



Can I have both High and Low Resolution copies of my pictures?

Yes, we give you both a High and Low Resolution

copy of all your pictures. High Resolution is for printing top

quality photos and Low Resolution is for posting online

(Facebook) and emailing.




Can you work from a photo checklist that we create?


Yes, feel free to bring any itineraries and creative




Will you be contracting our wedding out to another photographer?


Victor Aziz shoots all the weddings he is hired for

and also brings along an assistant at no extra charge.

This is not a part-time job for him.



Do you back up your photos off-site?


Yes, after the wedding the memory cards are downloaded

to my computer. Also, a hard copy is written to a DVD or CD

as needed and as a further safeguard, your images are sent

off-site to the Carbonite Storage Facility in Boston, MASS.



How much do you charge if we lose our CD/DVD?


Nothing! If you lose your CD/DVD we will gladly replace it.



How long do you keep our photos on file?


We have been in business for over 60 years and have all

the negatives dating back that far, the ink may fade on

the envelope but the negs are still good, and as mentioned

above we now have multiple back-up systems.



Do you put markings of your company on our photos?


No, we do not, especially since we don't own the copyright

on them anymore since we give you a High Resolution file.



Can you help us in putting an wedding album together?


Yes, we do offer various album designs from traditional to the

more contemporary "coffee table" books and also offer

prints in various sizes.



Do you offer any framing services?


At our studio we do offer a custom framing service, using

only conservation quality mats, frames and glass. This

is offered as an extra benefit and thus probably offers

better value than a full framing store.



Thank you for taking the time to read over these questions and of course if you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.